The Govt., of karnataka has announced covid -19 2nd wave support package to the needy and the persons and professions covered for sanction of same are:

1. Flower growers – Rs.10000/- per hectare.

2. Fruit and vegetable Growers – Rs.10000/-.

3. Drivers of Auto, Taxi and Maxi Cabs having license and registration – 3000/- per driver, per cab.

4. Construction labours – 3000/-.

5. Labours of unorganised sector like Barbers, Dhobi (Laundry waala), Tailors, Hamaaleis, Rag Pickers (Chindi Uthanewaale), Potter (mud pot makers), Bhatti Labours (puri bhatti, etc.,), Akkasaaligas (Goldsmiths), Mechanics, Cobblers (chammaars) – 2000/-.

6. Footpath vendors – Rs.2000/-.

7. Artists / Troupes of Artists’ – Rs. 2000/-.

All the NGO’s are requested to co-ordinate and make sure that maximum number of needy are benefited by this package by helping the needy to apply for the same through “Seva Sindhu” App / Website of the Government.

Stepwise Procedure to apply for Above Scheme

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